9V 6LR61 Alkaline Batteries

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9V 6LR61

6LR61 is size 9V Super alkaline battery (Non-Hg, Non-Cadmium).


  • Super Alkaline, Mercury & cadmium free.
  • Environmental friendly, more power.
  • Select new active cathode and anode material to improve material utilization and increase battery capacity.
  • Use different thickness technology in steel to enlarge the inner space, and to increase battery capacity.
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Model 6LR61
Voltage 9V
Diameter L(25.0-26.5)mm W(16.5-17.5)mm
Height 48.3-48.5mm
Capacity 500mAh (25mA, 24h/d, 20°C, e.v.= 0.8V)
Weight 44g
Jacket Alu
Chemical System Super Alkaline Battery (Non-Hg, Non-Cadmium)
Package blister card,shrink,box,clamshell
Storage Performance After 12 months storage at specified conditions, discharge capacity should be no less than 80% of the original discharge capacity.
620Ω 2h/d 5.4V 45h
270Ω 1h/d 5.4V 20h
1 0 k Ω/ 0 . 6 2 k Ω 1 s / h 7.5 19d
180Ω 24h/d 5.4V 800min
Radio Clock
Toy Smoke detector
Fast test

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About of DMEGC's alkaline batteries

DMEGC Battery Branch as a China-based leading alkaline batteries manufacturer with over 20 years experience in this industry. With the fully automated assembly lines, in line automatic QC inspections, and the strictly controlled workshop environment.
OEM ODM Service
Our batteries have been adopted as OEM ODM or industrial products by a number of world famous companies.
We can customize the product and outlook label according to your requirement.
The best of all optimized electrochemical composition, the unique 4-pells cathode, and the reverse-buttoned lack proof cell structures, together with the imported fine materials, are all contributing to the products with excellent performances such as super high capacity, leakage free, long duration and environmental-friendly advantages.
No-Leak Guarantee
Each battery we made were passed QC inspections, with excellent performances such as super high capacity, leakage free, long duration and environmental-friendly.
We have passed the accreditation of ISO14001 Certification, ISO9001 Certification, China Environmental Labeling Product Certification, and International Standard Product Marking Certification.

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